Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Example Board Meeting Minutes to Furlough Staff Outlining Reasoning

Any CJRS Furlough claim may be subject to HMRC retrospective audit and therefore it makes sense to note the date and reasons for the Furlough decision. We appreciate that it will be obvious for some businesses (Government orders closure) but for some businesses especially Director / Shareholder businesses it is prudent to note details. This will also serve as evidence of the date of the decision.

Please feel free to use and edit the sample board meeting minutes as you see fit for your business.



Name of Company or LLP or business:
Company Registration number:  



The Director(s) met to discuss the Corona Covid-19 Pandemic and the effect of the Government Actions regarding restrictions on movement and closure of workplaces.

The Director(s) note that the business is unable to trade / has reduced or restricted trade / severe decline in turnover / supply chain broken / employee(s) unable to travel to work / work inside etc.
(edit as applicable) whilst the lock-down is in place and have therefore Furloughed the following Directors and employees as per The Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme from 1 November (as applicable) 2020. 

The Board / partners / owners also noted that they had discussed and agreed changes in employment conditions with employees all who were subject to Furlough or flexible Furlough.

The Directors noted some employees will be able to work during the [
lockdown / immediate period / next month] and have engaged their accountants XYZ & Co. to record the details and make the flexible / full furlough claims to HMRC as required. 

(See list attached to this Board Minute or detail name and employee reference number below – if applicable).

Signed: Secretary /Chairman of the Board / Director (as applicable)



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