Wednesday, 5 May 2021

The end of the landline?

Last week an opinion survey of 2,001 UK adults, which was conducted in mid-March 2021 and commissioned by Uswitch, has revealed that 26% of people with a residential landline do not have a phone attached to it and 35% of respondents said they only have a landline because it’s needed for their broadband connection. The number of homes with a landline has fallen by c.4 million (down 15%) since the year 2000 to about 22 million connections in 2021.

The decline in landline use should at least make it easier for homes to handle the pending removal of traditional phone services, which is due to complete on Openreach’s (BT) UK network by the end of December 2025.

In their place operator’s will be providing digital (VoIP) style solutions, which most people will be able to take as an optional extra alongside broadband (in the past, broadband was the optional extra).

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