Thursday, 30 September 2021

Planning Actions Before Increase in National Insurance and Tax on Dividends

With the announcement of the proposed 1.25% increase in National Insurance and tax on Dividends more than six months before they take effect mean that there is time to reduce the impact.

Employees could consider agreeing a salary sacrifice arrangement with their employer, for example sacrificing their £5,000 annual bonus for an additional pension contribution paid by their employer. Such an arrangement would save 1.25% NICs for both employee and employer as well as £2,000 income tax where the employee is a higher rate taxpayer.

Employees might also consider a salary sacrifice in favour of an electric company car.

Shareholder/directors of family companies could consider bringing forward dividend payments to before 6 April 2022. Such a strategy needs careful planning as if the extra dividend takes the taxpayer’s income above £50,270 the excess would be taxable at the 32.5% rate instead of the 7.5% rate and the planning could backfire.

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